Leaving Today

Hey everyone, so today is the big day, many thanks to all the people who have helped and all those who will. You can continue to tell people about story because we still need to raise around $7,000 by December. Thank you for the support and I’ll catch up in a few weeks!


Thank you’s

I want to thank all the people who have donated and I want you to know what that it  means the world to me. In addition to all the people who have donated online, I want to thank two special reporters. Anne Berleant of the weekly packet and Taylor Vortherms of the Ellsworth American! Thank you for taking the time to interview me and tell my story. I would also like to send out a big thank you to Suzanne Wood! Thanks to her generosity we had a successful yard sale and made $300 !!! In addition she has made it possible for us to have a benefit dinner at Mainly Meat in Ellsworth,ME this coming Monday!!! Thank you so much  for the  immense kindness!  I hope you have an amazing rest of your summer!


Great news everyone!! This Saturday we are going to have a yard sale!! The yard sale will taking place at Clothes Encounters in  Ellsworth. Feel free to come by and check it out. There’s going to be tons of cool stuff and I will have an information table about CSG and myself. Thank you all for the compassion and generosity you have given me. I look forward to seeing you on Saturday!!!!

August update

Hey everyone, so we only have a few weeks left before the big day. So far we have raised $1,500 this leaves roughly $11,000 left to go. Coastal Studies for Girls has been and will continue to work on the paper work that will allow Surry to pay $4,500 towards the cost. I’m starting to go shopping  and checking items off  from my packing list. These next few weeks are going to be crazy busy! Thank you all again so much for the incredible generosity you have shown me! I hope your summer continues to be fantastic!

What this semester means to me

     This fall I will be spending 16 amazing weeks in Freeport, ME. Sixteen weeks at a semester school by the name of Coastal Studies for Girls. This school is designed to challenge, teach, and guide young women to their full potential. This semester is the greatest opportunity I have ever been given.

In the spring when I applied I was applying for the sake of trying something new, getting out-of-town, a new school. But slowly as the application process went on this whim or dream, became very real. when I was fully accepted it was by far the most validation I have ever been given for just being me. They opened up their arms and school and invited me to stay!

I am excited, confused, nervous, confident, and resolved. I have made  it my mission to raise the money needed to get to this semester. I would like you to know how much this means to me, how profoundly this would change my perspective of the world around me.

I am part of the new generation and what we do changes the world that we live in. This school will not only help me, but the tools it gives me will influence the way I interact and change society. This opportunity means the world to me, not just the school but the generosity and kindness of the people who have looked through the same lenses and see what I see; a fifteen year-old girl with a dream of changing the world who is about to take the first steps towards success.
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